FFC Mortgage Corp. began in 1987 as a Mortgage Brokerage in Rochester, New York. Led by Tom Flaherty, the company planted a strong and trusted foothold within the community.

In 2000, FFC Mortgage became a Licensed Mortgage Bank and has since grown with twelve branches nationwide and licenses in fourteen states.

Doug Reilly joined FFC Mortgage as President in 2014 to oversee the company's continued expansion while working to further enhance the company's strategy and execution.

Easy Access to Multiple Investor Pricing & Lock Submissions

No rate sheets! No investor website hopping! Our Product & Pricing Search Engine provides the top products and best pricing options from all of our investors with just a few clicks. A few more simple clicks submits a lock request to our Corporate Lock Desk.
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Building a business

With our broker roots, we have a unique perspective of our industry and understand what it takes to be successful in today's market. We have the flexibility and experience of a broker, but the strength and security of a bank. With our innovative tools and a first-rate management team, it's no wonder we have continued to thrive for more than 29 years!

Seeing the future

Looking ahead, our goal is to continue growing our presence into 30 region-specific branches by partnering with successful and established Broker Owners. These region-specific branches would provide exclusivity for our Regional Managers in their current geographic area. Could you be the next success story?